Conan exiles как включить панель администратора

Conan exiles как включить панель администратора

Как использовать консольные команды администратора в игре Conan Exiles?
Для того, чтобы вызвать консоль вам нужно нажать клавишу тильды (

) на клавиатуре. Он находится в левом верхнем углу клавиатуры, непосредственно над клавишей Tab и под клавишей Esc.

Затем Вам необходимо войти в систему в качестве администратора. Для этого вам нужно будет ввести следующее, а затем нажать кнопку Enter:
Пример: MakeMeAdmin pass123

Отсюда вы можете вводить команды, какие вы хотите.
Команды консоли администратора

Being extra and having extra always feels great. The Conan Exiles Admin Commands are the extras which make the gamers feel great. If you know about the Admin Panel in Conan Exiles and using the Commands, you’ll unlock some good extra features that other players can’t access. To get you through with the Conan Exiles Admin Commands, we are presenting you with this post. Here, I’ll provide you a list of all the working Conan Exiles Admin Commands and the description of what they do.

They’ll come pretty handy if you use them the right way. Let’s begin.

What are Conan Exiles Admin Commands

There is a technical game mechanic in Conan Exiles known as the Admin Panel. It provides access to many of the game’s items, creatures, thralls, and enemies. It is also possible to alter character stats. Doesn’t matter if you are playing even solo. The Admin Panel is available on all devices and game modes. It is also not necessary to access it through the settings or creative mode.

Conan Exiles allows the gamers to create their own private servers. This turns out to be very useful, especially after Funcom ended the collaboration with its official server partner due to increasing quality issues. You can use the Conan Exiles Admin Commands to control your private servers in a better manner.

How to use the Conan Exiles Admin Commands?

In order to use them, you must first learn how to use them. The process isn’t much complex. Follow these steps:

Step-1: To bring up the console you will need to press the tilde key (

) on your keyboard. If you’re not familiar with the key, it is situated in the top left corner of your keyboard, just above the Tab key and under the Esc key.

Step-2: Now log in as an admin. To do this, enter the following and then hit Enter– MakeMeAdmin . For example: MakeMeAdmin pass123.

Step-3: You can use the Conan Exiles Admin Commands from here.

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Note: You may need a keyboard to be plugged in if you are playing on a console. Also, Teleport or Summon Player might not be available for PS4.

Now let’s move towards the list of Conan Exiles Admin Commands.

List of all the Conan Exiles Admin Commands

Here is a complete guide of all the known admin commands for managing your server or local game.


Admin Command


Make Admin MakeMeAdmin [AdminPassword] Enters Admin mode.

  • Triggers Admin Rights Granted (top right).
Make Normal MakeMeNormal Exits Admin mode. Alternatively, log off and log back on. Enable Cheats ENABLECHEATS Grants usage of admin commands after being granted admin mode.

* Possibly outdated: May no longer be in the game as no other sources mention this. Learn Emote LearnEmote [emote] Type /emote [emote] in chat or hold R to bring up the Emote menu. God God Toggles God mode.

  • Invulnerable to all damage, knockbacks, status effects etc.
  • Only exceptions are the Cursewall and fall damage from eg. teleporting via the Map (Admin only)


Teleport Teleport
  • Teleports yourself to a targeted surface.
  • Teleports yourself to a targeted player: ViewPlayer + Teleport + ViewSelf .
Teleport Player TeleportPlayer [name] [coordinates] Teleports yourself or another player to the specified coordinates.

  • [coordinates] are [x] [y] [z] .
Teleport To Player TeleportToPlayer [PlayerName] Teleports yourself to the specified player. Summon Player SummonPlayer [Playername] Teleports a player to yourself. (If player name, Steam name and Character name are the same, you need to put Steam name in quotes “player”) Fly Fly Enters Flymode.

  • Fly mode has two different poses, “Fly” and “FlyB”, which are occasionally switched.
Walk Walk Exits the Fly, Ghost or Godmode. Toggle Sprint Cost NoSprintCost No stamina drain while sprinting (Not unlimited stamina) Ghost Ghost
  • Makes you invisible to other players
  • Grants Noclip – you can pass through objects
  • Building is possible, but only in the direction you faced in first person.
Cloak Cloak Invisible to NPCs, even when attacking them. Toggle Invisibility Invisibility Makes your character invisible.

Toggle the Perspective

View Player ViewPlayer [Playername] Moves camera inside target, with [Playername] being their Steam name. View Self ViewSelf Moves camera back to your own character.


Some descriptions may be missing. Fill Player Purge Meter FillPlayerPurgeMeter Fill Player Clan Purge Meter FillPlayerClanPurgeMeter Empty Player Clan Purge Meter EmptyPlayerClanPurgeMeter Fill Clan Purge Meter FillClanPergeMeter Singleplayer only. The command is currently mispelled. Fill All Clan Purge Meters FillAllClanPurgeMeters Empty All Clan Purge Meters EmptyAllClanPurgeMeters Start Purge StartPlayerPurge Sets Purge to start/Starts Purge when the Purge meter is full. End Purge EndPurge Ends purge. Start Next Purge StartNextPurgePhase Forces a new Purge. Start Next Wave StartNextWave Starts a next wave of the same purge.
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Miscellaneous (others)

Toggle Debug HUD ToggleDebugHUD Shows:

  • Server performance and player count (top right).
  • Your coordinates (bottom left).
  • A full list of players.
* Might be outdated. Toggle Player List ShowPlayers Lists connected players, Steam names and IDs. Damage Target DamageTarget Deals damage to the object or NPC in your crosshairs. Destroy Target DestroyTarget Use with caution

  • Removes entire targeted player built structures.
  • Temporarily removes targeted parts of the map. Singleplayer requires a relog and servers require a restart to restore this.
Spawn Item SpawnItem [ItemID] [Quantity] Spawns the specified item in the specified quantity. Print Player Info PrintPlayerInfo Gives you the specific players Steam name and in-game character name

  • You can enter a players character name to get their Steam name or you can enter the Steam name to get their character.
  • You will need to double

Tilde key to view the output.

Broadcast Message BroadcastMessage [Message] Sends a message to all online players via a pop-up box which needs to be clicked on to close (can annoy players as it interrupts gameplay, especially when in combat). Set Server MOTD SetServerSetting "ServerMessageOfTheDay" [YourMessage] Quotations are required.

* Currently not implemented. Get Server Health GetServerHealth Lists server statistics in the console (Press

a second time to view the output):

  • FPS.
  • Player count.
  • Number of spawned actors.
  • Number of player bases (incl. detached foundations).
  • Total number of building parts (foundations, walls, floors, roofs, etc. – possibly includes all placeables like chests, crafting stations, etc?).
  • LOD count.
Get All Server Settings GetAllServerSettings Displays a list of all available server settings you can modify. (Press

a second time to view the output)

Set Server Setting SetServerSetting "Setting" [Value] Allows you to modify the Server Settings from ServerSettings.ini while in-game. Quotations are required.

Reference for the

Keyboard Shortcuts

You should learn these important keyboard shortcuts also.

  • Ctrl+Shift+C: This brings up the Admin Panel GUI.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Alt+L: It pens a dialog box with the players current x,y,z world coordinates. (This is a client command and can be used by any player.) Much useful for use in combination with the TeleportPlayer [x y z]command.
  • Shift+Delete: This removes an NPC entity or player placed object that you aim at with your camera (won’t destroy entire structures, just individual building pieces).
  • Ctrl+Shift+Delete: It is similar to Shift+Delete above but has a larger area of effect, deleting multiple objects at once. Destruction pattern appears to be random and inconsistent.
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These were are all the known Conan Exiles Admin Commands. For any queries, issues, doubts, or suggestions, feel free to visit the Comment box. Hope I helped you with the Admin Panel.

Reader Interactions


Another one to be used with caution is: “ForceAILOD 0”, by default this is set to “ForceAILOD -1”.

What this does is forces all of the AI (workshops, Thralls, Pets, etc) to use the CPU even when not being seen. So every pet, every enemy, everything will be processed at once — not just what a player sees.

Anyone know how to resurrect your thralls or respawn them? There’s a bug in my world where thralls die in less than a minute. The only way I can “save” them is A) wait for an update or B) find the easiest way to spawn them (thrall>thrall item?>Savage>Station thralls) in without stressing to much.

Читы для Conan Exiles необходимы для игроков, чтобы значительно облегчить игровой процесс. Для того, чтобы открыть панель для ввода чит кодов необходимо нажать комбинацию клавиш CTRL+SHIFT+C. Данное меню позволяет игроку пользоваться функциями, которые предусмотрены для администрации. Таким образом, вы можете создавать предметы, менять их положение и многое другое.

Cheat MakeMeAdmin [пароль] — получить права администратора;
MakeMeNormal — отобрать права администратора;
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L — показывает ваше текущее местоположение в формате, который можно легко копировать.
Fly — возможность летать по всему миру;
Ghost — тот же полет, но без возможности столкновения.
Walk — перейти в режим ходьбы, если вы до этого летели.
God — все предметы становятся неуязвимыми для любого вида урона;
ToggleDebugHUD — показать производительность сервера;
ViewPlayer [имя_игрока] — камера перемещается внутрь головы игрока;
ViewSelf — вернуть камеру обратно;
Teleport — используется для перемещения персонажа к месту нахождения игрока, за которым вы смотрели.
Invisibility— невидимость;
Cloak — вы невидимы для врагов, а НПС будут вас игнорировать даже, если вы их атакуете.
Shift+Del — удаление любой части здания и убийство НПС, который находится перед вами.

Как вы уже успели заметить все чит коды для одиночной игры в Conan Exiles не предоставляют вашему игроку каких-либо безграничных возможность, которые бы могли «поднять» его в сравнении с остальными игроками.

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